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Dale Farlow’s Guatemala Mission Trip Oct. 21-28

Dear Friends:

On October 21st, I will be going to Guatemala again with a mission team of the United Methodist Church to work with Mayan Indians. The Mayans are living in huts with a dirt floor. They cook three meals a day over an open fire or in a raised box in their home. Our team will install stoves and a water purifier in 200 homes in villages near Chichicastenango, Guatemala. We will also provide de-worming tablets, vitamins, tooth paste, toothbrushes and clothing items for families in the villages. This year we increased our goal from 150 stoves to 200 stoves. The costs for materials is now $60,000.

All of your donations will go towards the purchase of the stoves, water purifiers, concrete and whitewash. The cost of all of the above is $300 per family. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of the Mayan families. The families are so grateful for the stoves and water purifiers. The families there are praying for the team and for the individuals making donations for them.

Thank you in advance for your support of this worthwhile cause

Dale Farlow


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