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Church Leadership Council Approves Completing Window Project

Do you know how many windows are in the 1955 building at College Place? A good guess is 63. We’ve been able to replace 25 along. There are still 38 others that are not able to be fully closed, and when closed they aren’t very efficient. Others, especially on the south and west sides, have been baked by the sun to the point of the glazing (holds the glass in place) is falling off when there’s wind and rain. The Council has approved moving forward to completely update the windows in the Fellowship Hall and upstairs classrooms to match and finish this endeavor to enable our future use of our building.

If you’d like to financially assist with the special project to replace windows mark your special gifts “window fund.” Please remember, our general ministry and operations fund (budget) still needs your support—this will be an additional, on-going fund for you to consider supporting and is not intended to divert funds from our general fund.

Window Project


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